Superyacht industry leaders like Feadship have been looking to follow a more sustainable course for a number of years now. One of the greatest roadblocks has been the absence of a measurement tool to objectively assess the eco-credentials of existing yachts and new concepts. The green shoots of a solution were found by Feadship’s Senior Design Specialist Bram Jongepier in 2018 who’d been wrestling with translating the sustainable revolution underway at Feadship in terms of yacht construction and operation into hard figures.

The Environmental Transparency Index (YETI) has since grown into a cross-industry collaboration led by the Water Revolution Foundation. A first working model is calculating and expressing emissions in Ecopoints and work continues apace on finding a common denominator to compare yachts. The holy grail will be a verifiable functional unit of luxury so the same experience can be provided to yacht owners using less resources.

Meet & Greet

Bram may be busy with designing Feadships and working on the YETI but he’s also put time in his agenda for an exclusive Meet & Greet with the winners of our special competition. Like to join Bram on a unique behind-the-scenes tour of one of the Feadship yards? Sign up here!

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